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Expected results

The MEDICINET project is expected to contribute significantly to the upgrade of the quality of life ensuring cooperation and networking on Health and Social welfare issues.

The whole project is structured to ensure advanced health services on emergency accidents management saving lives.  More specifically, the most important outcomes are the following:

  • Decrease in road accidents due to strong publicity campaigns
  • Minimization of human losses through new advanced health services
  • Sensitization of the citizens regarding responsible driving
  • Creation of a basis of a future cooperation between all health units in cross border area
  • Upgrade of human capital (doctors, nurses, bearers) after training programs
  • Joint management of emergency accidents
  • Advanced health services both to the citizens and the tourists
  • Cohesion enhancement
  • Minimization of medical transportation and creation of a new health pole based on territorial cooperation
  • Creation of a exchange know how dynamic channel

All the expected results have a strong innovative character given that they contribute to the upgrade of the quality of life through the enhancement of health services in the cross-border area.