Final Deliverables - General Hospital of Komotini "Sismanogleio"

General Hospital of Komotini has significantly upgraded its infrastructures, with the procurement of stateof-the-art medical equipment.The new equipment includes extremely important medical devices and vehicles, which are essential for the protection of human life and the management of emergencies which could be fatal if they are not treated efficiently and timely. More specifically, General Hospital of Komotini purchased the following equipment:


Final Deliverables - Multi-profile hospital for Active Treatment "Dr. Atanas Dafovski" AD

The Multi-profile hospital for Active Treatment "Dr. Atanas Dafovski" AD through this project succeeded to renovate the main Operating Rooms Area of the hospital.

Specialized Training Courses for Hospital Staff

Medicinet is not a project which aims simply to the procurement of medical equipment; it's a project with a systemic view to the improvement of the quality of life in the cross border area through the channel of health.

Networking & Cooperation Activities

One of the main objectives of the European Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece- Bulgaria 2007-2013 is to establish cooperation in health and social protection issues. Medicinet project serves exactly this purpose, being a multidimensional effort to establish a sustainable and viable cooperation network between Greece and Bulgaria at the field of health.