Final Deliverables - General Hospital of Komotini "Sismanogleio"

General Hospital of Komotini has significantly upgraded its infrastructures, with the procurement of stateof-the-art medical equipment.The new equipment includes extremely important medical devices and vehicles, which are essential for the protection of human life and the management of emergencies which could be fatal if they are not treated efficiently and timely. More specifically, General Hospital of Komotini purchased the following equipment:




1 cardiovascular ultra sound
1 central station with 8 bedside and 8 telemetry monitors
1 neonatal transport system
1 radiography - fluoroscopy system
1 fully equipped ambulance for emergency use & transport
1 portable general imaging ultra sound
1 internal fixation system for children and adults (orthopedics)
1 video laryngoscope system  for difficult intubation
1 full laparoscopic tower
1 stretcher for emergency use and resuscitation
4 defibrillators with monitor and external noninvasive pacing
1 respirator for ICU