Final Deliverables - Multi-profile hospital for Active Treatment "Dr. Atanas Dafovski" AD

The Multi-profile hospital for Active Treatment "Dr. Atanas Dafovski" AD through this project succeeded to renovate the main Operating Rooms Area of the hospital.

The main deliverables involved:


1) Complete Renovation of the Operating Theater.

2) Installation of a Central Air Conditioning System for the Operating Theatre.

3) General Medical Equipment for the Operating Rooms



The abovementioned Medical Equipment that was finally purchased and installed in the Operating Rooms of the Hospital is the following:


1) Operating lamp, ceiling type, with camera (5 items)

2) Operating lamp mobile with battery (5 items)

3) Operating table, electrical, eight sections (5 items)

4) Electrosurgical Unit, 400 watt (5 units)

5) Negatoscope (X-RAY Viewer) double, slim (5 items)

6) Patient monitor SPO2 + 2-IBP + ETCO2 (5 items)

7) Anesthesia device (5 items)

8) Ceiling supply with horizontal & vertical movement (5 items)


MEDICINET Project was the mean to deliver probably the most modern Operating Theaters Area that is operating in South-Eastern Bulgaria.