Specialized Training Courses for Hospital Staff

Medicinet is not a project which aims simply to the procurement of medical equipment; it's a project with a systemic view to the improvement of the quality of life in the cross border area through the channel of health.

Thus, specialized training seminars, for doctors, nurses, stretcher bearers and drivers have been organized within the context of the project, for further training of medical and paramedical staff, aiming to the enhanced readability and capacity in managing emergency situations and in life support. Over 300 hours of training courses took place in both hospitals, with over 100 employee participations, in the following specific fields:



1. BLS – Basic Life Support
2. BLS/AED – Basic Life Support with Automated External Defibrillator
3. ABLS – Advanced Basic Life Support
4. Pediatrics Life Support
5. PHTLS – Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support
6. Life Support in special conditions; Hyperthermia, Hypothermia, Opposition in Pregnancy, Addressing victims after episodes of drowning in water
7. Anaphylaxis and Serious allergic reactions; Asthma Crisis
8. Preparing to encounter disasters; Disaster Encounter Plans, Hospital Triage