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The MEDICINET Project is considered as the first serious large-scale effort focusing to the cooperation of hospitals in the field of emergency and urgent medical issues. It was developed jointly by people working in the hospitals of Komotini (Greece) and Kardjali (Bulgaria), taking into consideration the real needs of the medical services in both areas.


It should be noticed that MEDICINET Project was the project with the highest budget among all the approved projects within the two first calls for the European Territorial Cooperation Program Greece – Bulgaria 2007-2013.


The new road has brought two cities and their citizens closer; people which were completely strangers until now. The Medicinet project has brought two scientific societies even closer. The project completed on June 2014 with all of the equipment operational and the entire technical infrastructure ready. New, advanced medical equipment and new medical infrastructures are at the disposal of hospitals' staff in order to tackle with the best way in the effort to save or improve human life.


Sustainability of the project is ensured since the project was embodied to the usual operation of the two hospitals and there is no any kind of future prerequisites needed for the continuation of the project.


The Memorandum of Cooperation that has been signed, has established a new network between the staff of the two corresponding hospitals and an action plan has been realized processing the new data from the operation of the road, putting Life at the center of European Territorial Cooperation.




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