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  • Welcome to our project

    The MEDICINET Project is considered as the first serious large-scale effort focusing to the coope ...
  • Project Background

    In the Greece – Bulgaria cross-border area, there is already significant health infrastructure. ...
  • Objectives

    Health is the most important dimension of human life. The overall objective of the MEDICINET proj ...
  • Expected results

    The MEDICINET project is expected to contribute significantly to the upgrade of the quality of li ...
  • A "Best Practice" Project

    Project Medicinet was evaluated and selected as a "Best Practice" Project

Work Packages & Actions

WP1 Management & Coordination
1.2 Project Management
1.3 Project Meetings
1.4 Financial Monitoring

WP2 Information & Publicity
2.1 Trilingual information material
2.2 Website development
2.3 Mass media campaign
2.4 Conferences
2.5 Workshops

WP3 Networking & Cooperation Activities related on joint emergencies management
3.1 Establishment of a cooperation network
3.2 Action Plan for emergencies management

WP4 Organization of specialized training courses for medical staff
4.1 Training courses for doctors in life support
4.2 Training courses for nurses in life support
4.3 Training courses for nurses - bearers - drivers

WP5 Purchase of equipment
5.1 Necessary equipment for Komotini Hospital
5.2 Necessary equipment for Kardjali Hospital

WP6 Infrastructure activities in the operating theater of Kardjali Hospital
6.1 Renovation/ reconstruction activities
6.2 Placement of Central Air Conditioning system